ElectricArenaFootball.Com is my tribute to my 2 favorite hobbies on the planet, watching Arena Football and playing Electric Football. Since 1969 I've owned a electric football set, my brother gave me my first set for my birthday and I've been HOOKED ever since. At the time I got my board, my brother and sister had already moved out so I was basically a only child. Electric Football was my best friend for many years, By age 16 I had completed over 48 seasons of NFL competition. Girls happened and EF became second in line of my favorite things to do;-) but in 1982 The USFL was announced and the thought of painting my own teams and doing a draft to create a new league brought back to my old friend. Between 1983 and 1987 I completed 23 USFL seasons, but it was not until 1987 that the sport that would become my favorite of them all was born.


I remember watching the news and they had a press conference announcing Denver as one of 4 teams that would compete in the first year of a sport called Arena Football, many of the NFL loyal scoffed at the new league saying that it was a junk sport and would never last. Well its 17 years later, I have over 300 games on tape, been to games all over the country (42 in other cities then Denver) and have been to a Arena Bowl and a Arena Cup game. I have every mini Helmet ever made for the AFL,af2 and IFL, over 50 Jerseys of teams and 24 full size Helmets, I have every style of football ever used in the league with every commissioner, I have created a complete Gumball Sticker collection for the AFL and af2. Most of the stuff mentioned will also appear on the site in the near future. I consider myself to very lucky in that I was asked by The Colorado Crush last year to consult with them on the Logo design for the team, what fan wants to see when at a game and the types of merchandise available to purchase. I have received many nice gifts from John Elway personally.


EAF.com has every game for the first 11 seasons I've played on my set, As life has gotten busier I've had to go to a single elimination format like March Madness. A full Rule book will be available soon, some will like it, some won't and sure other will modify it, none the less, the way I've played has produced some scores in 70s and some in single digits. I use the model 500 board from Tudor\Miggle (they will always be Tudor to me) with a vinyl overlay that was produced at Kinko's. The dimensions are exact to a real field (50 yards long ,8 yard end zones) The Net system was built by me out of Balsa wood for the sides and frame, screen door screen for the rebound nets and a soft net found at Michaels craft store for the drop net. The boards are made from poster board with the logos finished off of the laser printer at Kinko's then laminated and then applied separately. I will take requests for board covers to the person who produced mine, he will be the one who you will work with, his name is Bryan, he handles artwork for Prima Publishing and has done over 20 Video Game hint books (check out Metroid Prime, Legend of Zelda:Wind Walker and Dragons Lair 3D) he is over qualified to produce these and will do nothing but unbelievable work. The Board is housed in a roll-toped desk, it is the perfect place for this sized board and can be closed and concealed from prying eyes, it also helps with keeping dust off of the board. The lights are under-cabinets kitchen lights you can find at Home Depot.You will also find links to my favorite sites EBAY (which is EVIL for collectors), ArenaFan, which is my favorite site of all-time and other GREAT vendors to buy EF parts and accessories. Enjoy and drop me line about how I need a life.




ADDED 4-17-07

I wrote the above opening 5 years ago and 45,000 visitors ago. Since then I founded (along with my wife) Club Crush, the official booster club of the Colorado Crush and was the Clubs first President. I was able to learn about the business end of my favorite sport directly from one of the flagship teams in the league. During my time as President the team advanced and won Arena Bowl 19, Mr. Elway awarded me with a Championship ring with my name on it for my service to the team and the club. I also have a rule that was created after me in the league, I was the fan that knocked the ball out the Sabercats (still telling San Jose fans I am sorry) receivers hands during the 05 Conference Championship game. The next year the league put in the fan interference penalty. Coach Dailey and the players voted me DEFENSIVE player of the game. The Colorado Crush has treated me as a member of their family, from the owners to the coaches and the players. I am very proud to say that during work as President, along with members of Club Crush, the booster club has become one of the most respected in the league. I officially went into retirement this year, but the club is in GREAT hands.


I didnt know 5 years ago that the site would be so well received. People from all over the world have written to me either about Electric Football or Arena Football. The site has inspired others to pick up the game or give the sport a chance, and thats all either need! The site is being updated (as much as someone with my limited web skills will allow) I will be adding over 400 different Gumball Helmets Ive created and Gumball magnets. My Mini Helmet collection is also out growing my house. If you want to talk about Arena Football or Electric Football send me an email. Thank Jim Foster for giving me something that I can call my own.


I will be creating the first Electric Indoor Soccer (MISL) and Electric Indoor Lacrosse (NLL) Leagues and boards real soon. The Indoor Soccer Field is complete and I am in the final stages of the Lacrosse board now. Both will have play systems, rules, and painted players in action poses. Thanks for visiting and lets talk soon.