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Left brain right brain test dancer

Left brain right brain test dancer

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A free spinning lady picture test to see whether you are left or right brain orientated. Do you see her moving clockwise or anti clockwise - the results could . 21 Nov Which way is the dancer spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise? Most people will see her turning counter-clockwise, which apparently. The Spinning Dancer, also known as the silhouette illusion, is a kinetic, bistable optical illusion For instance, as the dancer's arms move from viewer's left to right, it is possible to In popular psychology, the illusion has been incorrectly identified as a personality test that supposedly reveals which hemisphere of the brain is.

11 Oct Take a look at the spinning girl below. Do you see it spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise? I see it spinning counter-clockwise, and I had a. 3 Jun Viewers are told that if they view the dancer as standing on her left leg and spinning clockwise, then they are right-brain dominant, and if they. 21 Dec The optical illusion can apparently reveal which side of the brain right or left brained just by the way you see this dancer spinning. spinning clockwise while others will see her turning anti-clockwise and some will see both.

28 Apr test of whether you are right-brained and creative or left-brained and logical. If you see the dancer spinning clockwise, the story goes, you are. 29 Oct If it spins clockwise, you supposedly use more of your right brain. Counterclockwise, and you're more of a left brain person. The test then lists. Most of us would see the dancer turning anti-clockwise though you can try to focus and change the direction. See if you can do it with this left brain vs right brain. 24 May The Right Brain vs Left Brain Test do you see the dancer rotating If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and. 19 Dec If your right hemisphere dominates, you see her spin clockwise; if your left brain dominates, then you see her move counterclockwise.

I found this “optical illusion” and I'm still astonish! I test it with some friends and, seeing the spinning lady at the same time, one of us saw her turning clockwise. 23 Oct These folks should see her spinning counter-clockwise. Right-brain people, meanwhile, are supposed to be random, intuitive, holistic. 22 Dec The animation was originally shared as a supposed test of left or right brain dominance. Those who see the dancer spinning clockwise were. 22 Dec If you see her twirling clockwise, you're right brained and are further up So if this left-brain/right-brain theory is a load of rich creamy butter.


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